Monday, 10 November 2014

Samsung continues to release ads for what the company hopes to become its hard-hitter this season – the Galaxy Note 4. So far, the "Do You Note" campaign has been one that puts emphasis on the S Pen, showing it as a tool for both handwriting and drawing, and this time around it promotes the scrapbook functionality and photo cropping / sharing. The ads have their own twist of humor, though, we'd say Sammy didn't go as far as it did with “Note Pun Intended”.

The S Pen is Samsung's proprietary tool for the Note series of tablets – a “smart” stylus of sorts, which has pressure recognition for writing and drawing, and has a range of other functions as well, allowing one to drag, cut, sort separate screenshots and cutouts in a single “scrapbook” and so on. The Note 4 is Sammy's latest heavy-hitter and the manufacturer is making sure to keep it in the minds of potential customers – especially with the holiday season just behind the corner


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