Saturday, 1 August 2015

When you bought a Blackberry Smartphone and you think your phone is simply an easy to use Smartphone without tip ‘n’ trick, well i forgive you for reading this article late, and for not visiting this site on time

Here i wanted to share – 10+ Most Useful Hidden BlackBerry Tips and Tricks

Use – ALT + LGLG and , press the menu key and scroll to clear log option.
Go to Messaging E-mail – press menu – options – click message Display and Actions, scroll to the down (last) , Change Message storing date to 15 days.
Enable SafeMode – Alt + Caps + H when Red Light shows immediately press and hold the back key for 3 sec back key just before the red key by the right. – Repeat same step to remove from safe mode.

Hidden helps

hidden Helps  –  use This Combo to check important details like phone total storage and battery life Alt + Caps + H.
Reboot Phone Like Removing Battery – Alt + Right Caps + del (delete key)
Playing Music on Bed and Scared of Sleeping off while you wake to see a red signal battery the next day here use – Options – Navigate to Devices > Auto On/Off to set your time of inactivity so phone automatically off when its twilight or dawn.


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